A 360° Approach

A 360° approach to your hospitality and travel business.


Our in-depth experience of the global hospitality and travel sector underpins a unique 360º approach.

Meeting the commercial challenges of today’s world requires looking at your business from every angle: The perspective of your potential customers and competitors as well as that of your business stakeholders.

Maintaining and maximising your organisation’s full potential demands the right combination of processes, technology and, above all, people with a desire to deliver the best possible results. 

Cogent Blue are not simply analysts or consultants. We are implementers and mentors. We are enablers. Helping you to identify and embed transformational change through your processes, your systems and your people.

Cogent Blue have played a vital role in helping us strategically map out the growth of our commercial function and then help practically in executing those plans; the figures speak for themselves. It’s help that’s come in all sorts of ways whether facilitating strategic thinking, deep-dive reporting, detailed analysis of our business, process diagnostics, coaching, mentoring, interim support… the list goes on.
— John Jennett, Managing Director; Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels